Starting a business is one good thing to do. At least, it is the breaking ground to reach out to your “supposed” potential clients or customers. Remember that it all ends well that started well; it doesn’t matter however you started but how solid you started.

Building a client base begins with having a business idea. This is the point where you’ve got to think of the kind of products or services you want to give or render to people out there.

An example is this weblog you are visiting today. It is all about mentoring target audience on how to build a healthy lifestyle which invariably is helping lives out there, including you reading this blog post. There are many business ideas out there that you can plunge yourself into as long as you have what it takes to push through the murky terrain.

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Need a Business Idea?

Should I remind you that today’s world is more inclined than before! This means that customers are more enlightened known as the “Infovores”. These set of people crave for information and constantly accesses it on digital devices. Thanks to the internet. 

Infovore (noun): A person who indulges in and desires information gathering and interpretation. –wiktionary

According to a published study by comScore and Group M Search, it opined that search engines such as Google and Bing are the first shop for information for 58% of interested customers (clients) while 24% visit company sites and 18% use social media to gather all the data for making an informed purchase.

Since, it is obvious that loyalty, transparency, consistency, sincerity, amongst other virtues, are the ingredient for a successful business, therefore may I suggest that you re-examine your business idea to suit the kind of audience – customers or clients – your business is meant to serve.

Apart from having a larger width band of customers or clients, it is necessary to understand who your clients truly are.

In its simplest form, the word “Client” means a person, company, customer, etc., that seeks or receives service (or product) in return for payment. This means that they (client or customers) have something to give back after their needs are meant. It could be said that a client is a customer (Collin Dictionary).

A client is someone for whom a professional person or organisation is providing a service or doing some work.

 In lieu, it is expedient for clients to return (with medals) after the first deal, but not rarely for the same products or services. This brings about the question – Who Are Your Clients? How Can You Access Them?

Here are few tips you should keep in mind but not under necessity. The reason is that a whole lot of business killers will be among the list of your potential clients or customers.

These sets of people will only want to deal, in business, with you since they have no choice. I called them “Unsatisfied losers”. They love what you do but they do not want to admit it, rather they make the business difficult for you. Have you ever had to address an angry client or customer before? They are indeed worse than a setback! Yes, you’ve got to manage them with the phrase “…customers are always right”. This, in its real sense, is not supposed to be. So, who are the people you should consider more when dealing with the larger audience? What makes them your chosen people?

Below are the few checkers to make things better for the success of your business, even when you deal with a larger community of clients or customers alike.

Your clients should be your die-hard followers or customers

You’d be overwhelmed by the loyalty of people to a particular celebrity or football superstar. In this case, such people would do anything to protect the integrity of such celeb or superstar in the face of scandals and other demeaning vices. These fans’ or followers’ pain should always be the crux of your business goals.

They are always in contact at all time

Just like this post you’re are reading right now, I have a close group of friends who are always waiting for my post, not because it is different from what they could get elsewhere, but for the joy of seeing me grow and in business. Therefore, there is a need for you to build such contact that spans the ordinary business atmosphere to close contact.

They should be instrumental to your business expansion

What this means is that your clients (customers) are instrumental to your business expansion and be willing to contribute their quotas in ensuring that you do not run-out-of-business. I believe you must have had the expression “No Credit Today, Come Tomorrow”! A time you could go out of your way to transact business (on trust) on credit, hoping to get paid at a stipulated time-frame only to get insulted or having to go extra miles before getting paid.

They should add value as a human being

Yes, rendering services to people is a valuable venture as it is also profitable to both parties involved. But, as much as possible, it should be a win-win situation. Value is a principle or standard of behaviour, one’s judgment of what is important in life. This should be another measurement to rating your clients or customers.

Your client or customer should be a source of inspiration to you

Take look at what the tech world is turning into today. From one invention to another. These dramatic signs of progress are as a result of customers’ continuous feedbacks on the products or services they consume on daily basis. You should wonder why there should be iPhone XYZ when we’re yet to explore the already produced Techno XYZ. This shows that the clients are helping these tech industries to do better in their separate world.

They should have empathy towards you in trying times

You don’t feel me, you can’t understand me! Everybody has their separate battles, yet there is need to feel for others who are also trying to make you happy. Business has its raining and dry seasons. There are times that your business will hit the rock, on the verge of collapse. Alas, this is the moment where you need encouragement. And the first set of people should be those who patronised you when the going was good.

They should love you indeed, undermining your human errors and imperfections

When it comes to love, it should be understood that only God has that kind of love that spans the wisdom of man.as human being, we have preferential care but we should practise universal love (agape love).

They never shift ground 

No matter what happens to the business, they are always on ground to follow you to the end. These sets of clients have addicted trustees of your business, even in the face of rivals. It is black and so be it! I was made to take peak milk right from my childhood and up till date I still hold on it that value. That is what a die-hard fan do with a service provider.

They invite you to their business luncheon or programmes

Have you ever had an invite from any of your clients or customers before? If yes, that shows how much they care about you. It is a healthy way to pitch your business trust.

They pray for you always because they believe that your continuous being in business is a plus to their growth

Take for instance, if Dangote is out of business, what do you think will happen to Africans, especially Nigerians? Disaster, right? You should then understand how many people that daily pray for the continuity of Dangote Group of Companies.

They advise and motivate you to be at your best at all time.

There is no way you won’t encounter challenges. In most cases, some of these crises could arise from your employees to a client or product defect. It is normal for such to come up but it will be abnormal not to heed the advice of trusted and loyal clients or customers. These are the end users of your products and services. But if you play your game well enough, a little “Thank You” can change the face of your business for the best.


Now that you have read about the 11 facts about who your clients are, we would like to hear from you. Feel free to share your experience with us. And if there are aspects of the post that needed addition or subtraction, you can as well let us know. Moreover, it can only get better with God.

Air your view and see what others think about it.