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Technological advancement is no longer a dream but a thing of reality. Judging from the over-emphasised attributes of tech displayed in most Sci-Fi movies, it thus attests to the fact that the world is now absorbed by the continuous growth of scientific experiments which are the recipe for modernisation.

Posting a write-up on “Artificial Intelligence” was a tip-off effort that triggered my willingness to further research on the future of technology. It also increased my enthusiasm for anything tech or gadget. I believe sternly that our world has now graduated from its manually-inclined system to a more complex automated-inclined or tech-inclined one, such that we cannot do without the latter.

In the face of this wonderful, yet surprising, upgrading, the newly created “Aibo Robot Dog” by Sony re-ignite my quest for the next level in the tech world. The trend is unending.

Moreover, 2018 witnessed upward gliding in the tech world. A very good and visible example is the upgrading of WordPress to 5.0.1. It has made the job easier for web users, especially bloggers. This is actually is a wake-up call for the unbelievable tech experiences the world would have in 2019.

To better drive home my point, a friend mailed me infographics of some of the latest futuristic gadgets that would take the floor of 2019. Check it out. (https://www.noflufftech.com)

Futuristic Gadgets 2019 1 - 2019 Latest Futuristic Technology Gadgets

Credit: noflufftech

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