Basic Strategy That Will 10x Boost Your Business In 2020

/Basic Strategy That Will 10x Boost Your Business In 2020

Basic Strategy That Will 10x Boost Your Business In 2020

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Just before you dig deep, there’s a need to establish a fact. That is – place value on your life! The value you place on yourself as an energetic impact on your feelings. And the positive feelings help project a dramatic image that boosts your business.

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Basic Strategy That Will 10x Boost Your Business In 2020

Feelings influence everything (decisions) in life – where you shop, the restaurants you eat in, products you buy, choices of friends, your job, what to do, which business to patronise and your attitude towards other people. Thus, these strange facts culminate to create the public image of your enterprise or firm.

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Suffice to say that image is, at least, as important in boosting your company 10x as reality. Take for an instance, people purchase certain brands of merchandise – cars, clothes, jewellery, phones, foods – because they believe that one brand is superior to another. Do not be surprised that much of these beliefs reincarnated from advertising. This is done by projecting a positive image of the product.

Basic Strategy That Will 10x Boost Your Business In 2020

The above analysis shows how people perceive you is as important as anything else. It cuts through various forms of communication approaches.

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Communication plays a dominant role in any business environment. For you to boost your establishment 10x, there is a need to have a good communicative attribute. Jonathan Swift says it better –

Proper words in proper places make a true definition of style.

Jonathan Swift

Communication borne out of positive feelings helps to build a positive relationship that will boost your business 10x. Since you want your company to be on the lips of everyone, there’s a need for you to create a positive environment – giving positive feedback to your potential customers.

Basic Strategy That Will 10x Boost Your Business In 2020

However, it should be noted that there are prerequisites to business growth through a commutative mechanism. Some of which will be explained below.

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Basic Strategy That Will 10x Boost Your Business In 2020
Image credit: Google (business insight)

Every business model has what drive it. English dictionary defines insight as to the act or result of apprehending the inner nature of things of seeing intuitively. Having a good business insight helps you to find meaning in an increasing understanding of major situation result.

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Insight in this concept is to understand your company clearly through intuition or any available mechanism. That is, seeing your business in a particular, predefined way. You should know your company better than others do. You should also be able to describe it succinctly for people or customers to understand. If your business lacks a proper insight, there’s ever possible that you may lose track. Some of the additional decisions you need to make include;

  • Company Overview: What’s all about your company? how did it come about? What did it stand for?
  • Target Audience: Who are your customers? What’s their age bracket?
  • Finance: How do you get a fund? Income model?
  • Channel: How do you reach out to your customers or investor(s)?
  • Services: What product to offer?



Basic Strategy That Will 10x Boost Your Business In 2020

Vision is the vehicle that drives your company objectives, intended to guide your internal decision-making. It’s an idea or mental image (picture) of something you are willing and able to do. It’s the “WHY” behind your business model? What is a business vision?

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There are businesses at the brink of collapse due to unclear (clustered) vision. Some people just plunge into business without having a clear foresight of what they actually wanted. Yours shouldn’t be like that. You need to have a basic understanding and foresight (from #1 above) about your business. It will seem like a lot of work, but you will definitely find it interesting and worth the effort. What do you see? What is your vision?


Basic Strategy That Will 10x Boost Your Business In 2020
Business Mission

Have you ever watched a movie titled “Mission Impossible”? That’s a clear explanation of what it entails to boost your business 10x (ten times). If soldiers, for an instance, have but one mission in a restive and hostile community, then what’s yours in the business environment?

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The word “mission” is the statement that attests to your business existence, its goal, kind of product and service it provides, geographical location and primary customers or market. Combined with vision, they provide and propel your business purposes, goals and values.

There is absolutely no way you can boost your establishment if your mission statement is not defined. The “mission” is what keeps you going, undermining the sailing circumstances that could threaten your business existence. What’s your mission?


Basic Strategy That Will 10x Boost Your Business In 2020
Business Value

As said earlier on, the value you place on yourself as an energetic impact on your feelings. English Dictionary defined value as the quality (positive or negative) that renders something desirable or valuable. Another word for value is “esteem”. Value plays a pivotal role in any establishment.

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It is important that a business model should have something that sets it apart. If people are respected based on the value they place on themselves or the society confer on them, then it should not be wrong to conclude that your business’ value system determines its existence and continuity.

Runways’ core values, for instance, are; Creativity, Excellence, Motivation, Inspiration, Learning, and Discovery. This simply explains what the magazine stands for. It’s like a framework upon which runways magazine’s contents and philosophy are built. (Read more about runways here)

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More significantly, a business that lacks a set-apart model (value) is liable to liquidate. Your core value(s) has (have) a magical influence on your business. As an entrepreneur, this aspect of your business model should be carefully scrutinised if you desire to win the interest of your target audience.

Value is the third most important business element that requires careful design. Apart from the vision and mission statement, value defines your business uniqueness. What makes your business unique? What stands it out? What is your respect gauge?

Final Note

Be as it may, being an entrepreneur is a very tasking and challenging adventure. Lest, it’s reward is very promising if only you have the knack to be resilient. Walt Disney was right when he quipped:

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them

Walt Disney

There’s actually no shortcut when it comes to boosting your business. It only requires endurance and hard work. Winston Churchill encouraged thus:

There is no time for ease and comfort. It is time to dare and endure.

Winston Churchill

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