4 Effective Email List Building Approaches For Entrepreneurs in 2020

Building email list is one vital way that has helped a lot of business brands get closer to their target audience and retain their fair share of the competitive market. Thus, employing a systemic approach is another important repattoir for a successful and effective list generation.

Interestingly, the purpose of email list building is not for profit or growth. The outcome of strategic email list building, which is centred on marketing, is indeed profit and growth, but the purpose of email marketing is to move your customers from one stage of the “value journey” to the next. What therefore is Email?


Email is simply messages distributed by electronic means from one computer user to one or more recipients via a network. This means that when you exchange messages between people using electronic devices, you have performed electronic mail.

Email is one of the various social media tools that can be used for branding, engagement, acquisition, retention, direct sales, reactivation, generating traffic, and getting referrals. This makes it one of the most versatile tools any business can use to grow their business.

The goal of email is to assist and expedite a customer’s movement from one stage of the value journey to the next.

Effective Approaches To Email List Building

4 Effective Email List Building Approaches For Entrepreneurs in 2020

There are a lot of really effective ways to build your email list. As said ealier, the goal of email is to assist and expedite a customer’s movement from one stage of the value journey to the next.


Email plays a predominant role in the marketing scene, thereby giving brands the opportunity to revamp their campaigns triggered towards their segmented audience.

Just before we dive into couple of apporaches used by entrepreneurs to market their brands to their subscribers, take a glance at the three types of emails you can use in email marketing.

Three Types of Emails Used in Email Marketing

  • Transactional – to provide customer service.
  • Relational – to engage subscribers and nurture relationship with them.
  • Promotional – for generating sales.

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The 4 Email List Building Approaches

1. Offer value for free

4 Effective Email List Building Approaches For Entrepreneurs in 2020

Offering something free and seemingly very valuable is the epi-centre of most great list building techniques. You must have received such emails offering you freebies to help your business growth, such as free social media marketing tips ebook, etc. To receive freebies (ebooks) on growing your own business brand, all you have to do is join the recipient’s email list. This is essentially how most compelling opt ins work.

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This kind of opt in works well because you’re earning your reader’s trust by proving your authority on a subject. You’re also priming them to expect more valuable content from you, which opens the door for a follow up nurturing sequence.

People who join your list because they are interested in “your message” are more likely to read your emails.

2. Optimize your website design to promote your opt in

4 Effective Email List Building Approaches For Entrepreneurs in 2020
web design

Website design is a tricky art and can end up increasing your bounce rate if done poorly. The frustrations you feel sometimes using websites that is poorly designed can be devastating. As such, you would not want your visitors to have the same impression or/and experience when they finally stumbled upon your site. There should be a synergy in your email opt in.

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You should also remember that conversion optimization is often overshadowed by search engine optimization (SEO). Getting traffic onto your site is great but not if they disappear again without reaching your intended endpoint.

Moreover, there are two broad brush strokes of website optimization when it comes to converting visitors to email subscribers: website design, and content authoring.

In this wise, having a good call to action is so obvious that users have no choice but to give their attention. Even as at this, the call to action must not harm the users’ experience so much that they choose to hit the back button.

The best approach to asking your readers to give you their email address is to test a few different mechanisms. Try using a sidebar opt in, a call to action at the bottom of your page and an exit pop. See which one drives the strongest conversions and remove the others.

3. Optimize your website content to promote your opt in

4 Effective Email List Building Approaches For Entrepreneurs in 2020
website content

Content is an excellent mechanism for driving your visitors to take a particular action. No matter how dynamic your business website may seem, if you don’t have any valuable and interesting contents, no one would be interested in checking out what you have, let alone take action.

If your free opt in offer is worth talking about, writing an article about why it’s great would be the very best move to make. This is a simple and effective way to persuade readers to download, share in your experience and joining your mailing list. Your piece doesn’t have to be so direct that you write a 2,000 word essay. Rather, treat it like adding a link to a blog article. For instance, Ultimate Bundles do this frequently in their content. The company’s mission is to achieve 360 degree wins for their affiliate network, and they are always looking to expand their network. They often write articles to help bloggers make money from affiliate promotions. They’ll also include a sign-up link to become an Ultimate Bundles affiliate. Why wouldn’t you want to earn a 40% commission rate, gain access to tons of marketing training and join a thriving community?

Therefore, you can seize the opportunity to use your content to plug your free email newsletter, PDF book, free giveaway, or any other worthwhile opt in trigger.

4. Facebook advertising

4 Effective Email List Building Approaches For Entrepreneurs in 2020
Facebook Advert

The world of social media marketing is fast growing. Today, 79% of US internet users are on Facebook. Six out of ten Americans stay updated on news through social media, while 35% have used social media to look for or research a job. And these same numbers are reflected worldwide. Is it any wonder marketers are going social to grow their business?

Sake of the above parameter, once your website is pushing visitors towards opting into your free offer, it’s time to bring some new traffic in.

There are a ton of great ways to do this. Listed below are the popularly used social media platforms:

  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Google advertising

You should understand, however, that the ways of promoting yourself are almost endless these days.

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4 Effective Email List Building Approaches For Entrepreneurs in 2020

With the various researches and extensive tests of the major advertising and social media options for promoting content, it is apposite to say that the trend is evergreen for business.

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Facebook advertising continually proves itself to be the best fit because of its popularity. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t try a bit of everything, but working with popular social media platform can help you achieve your goal – building email list without sweat in 2020.

Before you dive into Facebook advertising, there are some tricks and tips to consider.

As a general rule, the most successful Facebook ads target a specific audience and don’t stand out as promoted posts.

The two most effective campaign configurations are:

  • Directly promoting your free opt in through a “conversion” campaign
  • Promoting your optimized blog articles through a “traffic” campaign (“brand awareness” and “reach” are also worth testing).

Conversion campaigns are typically more expensive but are more direct. You’re asking someone to take a direct action (in this case downloading your free opt in). Traffic campaigns are much cheaper but rely on your content to do the heavy lifting and convert visitors to sign-ups.

As with any advertising approach, testing is critical. Write down your goals at the start and then monitor your campaigns carefully to make sure they’re performing.


Be as it may, understanding your audience demography is essential in effective email list building. There are times that your mails may be spammed or your contents and promotions may not get delivered. But that shouldn’t bother you at all, if you have something valuable to offer.

As an entrepreneur working extensively to create a hub for your business brand, you need to understand the law of consistency and due process. Everything works out with time. Spend more time on your contents and your website design. Visitors love simplicity and value-driven hub. Thus, they are ready to be a family without you requesting if your business brand helps solve their many problems.

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