Don’t let others convince you that the idea is good when your gut tells you it’s bad.

Kevin Rose, co-founded Digg

Successful entrepreneurs are known for their relentless gene to creatively think thoughts powerful enough to change and shape the world they live in. That’s the recipe for the overwhelming accolades that greets them at every waking if their life.

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A Roman philosopher, PLOTINUS, was once quoted as saying:

All things are filled full of signs
and it is a wise man who can
learn about one thing from another.

The meaning of the quote is self-explanatory. However, let’s brush through the 5 powerful ways successful entrepreneurs think, which should help you start thinking differently this year.

Thinking Beyond Themselves

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It is often said that a minute of thought is worth more than an hour of talk. Thinking good thoughts has a way of repositioning how you perceive things and life around you. This mental exercise positively transports you into a state of truistic oblivion, thereby positioning you to see the bigger picture.

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All successful entrepreneurs you see today are those who have defiled the thinking process to think beyond themselves and their world. For an instance, if Mark Zuckerberg did not see beyond education to create the largest social media platform known as FACEBOOK today, what would have happened to Online Entrepreneurship? Digital marketing wouldn’t have been popular (personal statement).

The lesson here is that if you want to join the league of successful entrepreneurs, you have to strive to think beyond yourself in order to see the bigger picture?

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Remained Focus

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Life itself is a distraction, as much as everything that lies therein. Everyday Entrepreneurs, especially those existing in developing and less developed countries, are constantly plagued with so many physical and mental distractions. Every business establishment needs funds and human capital to flourish. Thus, the absence of these crucial onions can dissuade (distract) entrepreneurs from starting or keeping up with such a fantastic business idea(s).

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Nonetheless, successful entrepreneurs have an inbuilt ability that helps them remove distractions and mental clutters. This systemic expulsion brightens up mental clarity and boosts their focus. Read about ( how a Nigerian filmmaker, Psalm Oderinde, got it figured out through a celebrity tailor.

Explore Options Creatively

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The difference between unsuccessful entrepreneurs and successful entrepreneurs is the ability to explore options creatively. Unsuccessful entrepreneurs think there is one right answer to any problem. On the contrary, successful entrepreneurs understand there are sometimes dozens.

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The key is for you to find as many possible tricks and go with the best option for every moment. In corroboration with the above statement, Mark Zuckerberg understood the competition WhatsApp and Instagram shared with Facebook, so he made effort to acquire his major challengers. That is how to break outside the box and explore options creatively. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your approach should be like that of Mark but the point is that you should be wise enough to look at things with your eagle’s eye.

Active and Positive Solution Finders

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There are often times when people seek solutions to a given problem only for them not to apply the solutions to address the problem. Dig it? This is how unsuccessful entrepreneurs think and act. Their actions are directly proportional to their thinking.

Successful entrepreneurs you see today are actively able to find solutions in every situation by looking at them positively – and apply them! A good example is Aliko Dangote, Chairman and CEO of Dangote Group of Companies. He saw his shot and took it. His prestigious feat crowned him as Africa’s Biggest Entrepreneur. You can also see how Ezeogo created Techno and Infinix phones in Africa.

Creating Strategic Plans

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Unlike unsuccessful entrepreneurs, successful entrepreneurs have laid-down plans. These plans serve as their roadmap to success and business expansion. They peg their principles and discipline on them (plans). Hardly would you find any successful entrepreneur without a strategic plan.

An aphorism states thus: he who fails to plan (strategically), plans to fail (woefully). Thus, whenever you see a successful entrepreneur, do not hesitate to ask them what kind of proactive plans they put in place that helped them act strategically to attain the feat they are proud of today.


The journey to Entrepreneurial success begins from where you are right now. Always remember to focus on results knowing that, as an entrepreneur, the return comes from the bottom line. Successful entrepreneurs are so adamant when it comes to popular opinion. They reject the routine and don’t accept it just it is popular.

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