9 Questions With Abel Usim, Founder of Youth Empowerment and Growth Initiative (YEGI)

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In a time when the world is concerting efforts to eradicate the contingence of a deadly virus called “Coronavirus”, it is quite commendable to see individuals, groups and organisations supporting lives with palliative measures like the Philippians did in the Holy Bible. Notwithstanding the continuous efforts to make the world a safer place, Youth Empowerment and Growth Initiative (YEGI) has also responded to the clarion call for humanity with a dynamic approach to encourage locality development by making Nigeria a “Beggar-Free Nation”.

YEGI is a non-governmental organization founded in October, 2017. It’s aimed at rewriting the African narrative through youth empowerment and community development projects.

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With the two major projects – BeggarToBoss and Street2School, YEGI has been able to enrich lives, raising hopes for the deprived in various communities in Nigeria.

Recently, Runways, via online medium, reached out to Abel Usim, the founder of Youth Empowerment and Growth Initiative (YEGI) to chronic the impact of his brain-child on the Nigerian society.
Reasons why Abel’s interview will inspire you as a world-changer, thinking of how to make impact in your locality:

  • YEGI has successfully impacted over 150 beggars’ children.
  • Distributed relieve materials to over 300 families and help in sensitisation of over 250 children.
  • Partnered with Ajegunle Business School to train and empower entrepreneurs within the community.
  • Abel has received multiple awards for selfless service to humanity.

Q – Youth Empowerment and Growth Initiative”, what is it all about?

Youth Empowerment and Growth Initiative is a non governmental organization that aims at changing the narrative of Africa through youth empowerment and community projects. We have two projects:

The BeggarToBoss which aims at empowering beggars to become global entrepreneurs. While the Street2School empowers street children with education .

Q – How has been the journey so far?

The journey so far has been interesting, challenging and progressive. We have been able to empower three beggars who are now entrepreneurs and also given scholarship to six children.

Q – Chronicling the impact of the initiative’s major projects: “BeggarToBoss and Street2School”, what has been the acceptance Avatar?

The BeggarTo Boss project is not like every other project and it is the first of it kind.

No one really cares about the beggars or even thinking of empowering them or sending their children to school. So, this projects are widely accepted by people who are thinking about the future of our nation.

Q – Have you considered any alliance/partnership?

We have been partnering with other organizations like PinkFood bank, foodcliquesupport, Transforming Ajegunle Project, and other noble foundations.

Q – How many states of the federation has YEGI covered so far, and any plans for expansion?

We are currently in lagos and Ibadan for now but we hope to have YEGI in all the 774 local government in Nigeria .

Q – How did you build your team?

Building a team starts with friends who believe in you then volunteers who are willing and devoted to community service then most times these volunteers become active members of the organization.

Q – How do you generate fund for the organisation’s operations?

Well, when we started we were contributing our personal money and even until now sometimes but we also get support from those who love what we do and trust us  through our social media platforms .

Q – What’s that practical tips you’d give a young entrepreneur who is setting out to build a community business?

Well I would say get a mentor who is already successful in what you about to start, so he can teach and guilds you 

Q – What’s the future expectations from YEGI? Any future plan?

Yes (there’s future plan). Like I said early we hope to have YEGI in all the 774 local government in Nigeria, build a low business income school and also empower more beggars to become entrepreneurs.

Contact Abel Usim

For any further enquiries, questions, support and recommendations, you can reach Abel Usim on +2348062542393 or send a mail @ infoyegi@gmail.com. Visit YEGI on Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/yegiofficial/


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