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From the sunset
Of the eastern land
Enveloping the cultures
The ancient dynasty
Beauty more valuable than lucre.

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In her eyes I view thew
The theist of all religion
The cliff of nature view
And the power of her horizon.

This is the beauty of the black
In his mystical powers, I believed
In whose gin I begot the strength of ten thousand soldiers
The four lobes kola nuts of NORTH, EAST, SOUTH, WEST
The symbol of sacred unity.


I’m proud of the huts we dwell
The palm-wine we drank
And the folktales songs in proverb
And the dance steps of the tales dancer
And our cowries in monetary songs.

The pride of the morning smiles
The courage of the peacock
And the lion heart of the Nigerian dreams
This is Africa…

Kennedy Efemijogho is one of Nigerian’s poets, whose works have fetched him the accolades in his community and beyond. With a great sense of humour and astute prowess.

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I am a blogger, graphics designer and website designer. I am also-the Managing Editor of Community Watch Magazine as well as-the Content Manager of Runways Magazine.

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