As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen

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As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen is a literary work published in 1902. “As a Man Thinketh essentially asserts that every action and feeling is preceded by a thought, and that right thinking begins with the words we say to ourselves. It is a twenty-one pages book with Seven powerful chapters.

Thoughts are pictures of the mind with constructive or destructive possibilities, functioning with or within human emotions. What it means is that they (thoughts) have the ability to influence your emotions.

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If the above submission is true, then it means that you are laterally what you think in your heart. That is why one philosopher once said that the greatest battle fought is that which is done in the field of the mind.

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James Allen brilliantly dealt with the topic in its complex and simplest form so that there will be no huddles of having to consult other relevant materials. I hope you’d enjoy reading the book because it will help you build a healthy lifestyle and also save you from mind spooks.

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