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We are black
Black full of strengths
With substantial intellectual.

We are black
Black gifted in beauty and guts
For we’re masters of all them all.

God bless the black
With the skin that portrays hard work and prosperity
Created as the pillar of the world; vital salt of the soil.

Black is ever superior
To defend the racial seats
For we’re the nutrient of all.

Rejoice and shout with ecstasy if you’re black
God has made us a people of great births
And crowned us with the world as a whole.

Racism Kills, Lawrence S. Pertillar

No matter your colour
However your ethnicity
We’re one body in Christ.

No matter how harsh the criticism
Xenophobic attacks on our individuality
We’re one body in Christ.

No matter the racists’ colour
Ignorantly bullying our dignity
We’re one body in Christ.

Glory to God in your beautiful colour
Celebrate your collectable dignity
For we all are one body in Christ.

Black is life. It symbolises strength, dignity and power. The poem tends to address the issue of racism and advocates for oneness amidst ethnic differences. If you love what you see and read, take a time to share with others. Hope to hear from you soon. Shalom!

Below is a poem that was written by Francis Duggan and published on poemhunter.

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