BUSINESS DIGEST: Feeling Good About Yourself

Feeling good is a thing of the mind. Feelings are the key to decision-making in the business sphere. These feelings inspire your decisions and determine your approach to attaining your ultimate business goal(s).

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Whether good or bad, feelings influence everything you do, even as to your attitude towards other people. Feelings have a way of building habits. Thus, you do things because you feel good about doing them.


More so, interacting with others gives you the opportunity to feel good about other people, as well as yourself. If these parameters are truistic enough, then how does it feel or look when you feel good about yourself?

On the other hand, the way you deal with others is strongly affected by the way you feel about yourself. If you have a negative attitude – worried, angry or depressed about something, people will quickly detect it. Such attitude can’t avoid having a negative effect or impact on the service you provide.

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As a customer-service provider or entrepreneur, it is apposite for you to nip the bud in order to avoid losing your customers’ or clients’ trust and loyalty. The feelings you intend leaving on people – your customers or clients – should start from your end. The principal question, therefore, is – how can you achieve this?

#1 – You Need To Like Yourself

BUSINESS DIGEST: Feeling Good About Yourself
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Feeling good about yourself is the most important rule of dishing out positive communication. It is not an automatic approach. It begins with you overcoming those things (anger, depression, sadness, etc.) that get in the way. The first step is to recognise that your customers or clients are rarely the cause of your problems. Remembering and understanding this golden principle will help you to deal with people in a more positive manner. Your success in dealing with others arise from successfully dealing with yourself; i.e. liking yourself to like others.

#2 – You Need To Compliment Yourself Most Times

BUSINESS DIGEST: Feeling Good About Yourself
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Always give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. You should not wait for someone to give you a compliment. In a way, when no one else praises you for a job well done, you should do such yourself.  You need this foundation of self-praise, to counter-balance whatever negative experiences you may encounter.

#3 – You Need To Always Accept Compliments Gracefully

BUSINESS DIGEST: Feeling Good About Yourself
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A lot of people do not know how to handle compliments very well. This “kind-of” cheap commodity is rare to come by in the business sphere. Daily, service-providers or entrepreneurs experience more of the opposite. You may tend to go an extra mile just to satisfy a customer or client, and all you receive for that EXTRA effort is resentment and complain. However, when you finally receive compliments from people, always accept them gracefully.

You need to feel good about the compliments you receive from friends, allies and strangers. This will help you brighten up your day and stamp it with self-contentment.

#4 – Your Appearance Is Important

BUSINESS DIGEST: Feeling Good About Yourself
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Often times it is said that you are addressed the way you dress. If your countenance is jaunty, your appearance is positively affected. Also, when you feel good about yourself, you sure will look good.

Appearance matters a lot in the business circle. When you are neatly dressed, having flashing skin, have a new hairstyle and neatly groomed, there is no doubting that your customers or clients will enjoy your services. Rather put – appearance is key to successful business deals. Things like wearing neat, clean clothing, having clean hair, visiting a barber or a salon regularly, even having shined shoes and well-kept fingernails make people react to you in a positive way.

#5 – You Need To Feel Good About Yourself

BUSINESS DIGEST: Feeling Good About Yourself
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Simply put, “when you feel good about yourself, you know that you can successfully manage negative feelings and situation.” The greatest battle ever fought and won is within. You cannot give what you do not have. This means that making people feel good starts from within you. It helps you concentrate your efforts in more productive areas while putting negative feelings (problems) in perspectives and aside.

To feel good is to have a positive attitude. Concisely, a positive attitude gives you more self-confidence to attend to the yarning of your customers or clients.


BUSINESS DIGEST: Feeling Good About Yourself
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Every business owners or entrepreneurs take pride in certain personal qualities. These qualities are such that define the way they deal with their diverse customers and clients.

Moreover, there are certain parameters (checkers) that you should consider in order to ascertain your rapport with other people. If the feelings are not right, your quality is reduced, and your business would suffer.

For a better grasp of this discussion, you should carry out this personal exercise to gauge the impact of your feelings on people (customers or clients) and share your thoughts here:

  1. What are the four words your family or close friends or customers or clients might use to describe you? (E.g. organised, efficient, moody, prompt, neat, quick-tempered, etc.)
  2. In what four words would your co-workers describe you? Name them.
  3. Is there any difference in the way you deal with your friends and co-workers or friends and your customers or clients?
  4. Now list out four personal qualities you possess that you take the most pride in ___________

Air your view and see what others think about it.