Educational Enlightenment Syndrome

Our educational enlightenment!
We study hard
Year in, year out
Even against personal odds
Just to get ourselves approved.

Our educational enlightenment!
Bookworms, we become
To fulfil all righteousness
Even against our true callings
Just to get ourselves approved.

We’re now fully educated
Placating our meritorious certificates
Yet enlightenment eludes us
Even against exponential facts
Exposing us to mesmerising frustrations!

Poetic Analysis

Educational Enlightenment” is a poem that concisely explains the major challenge most African nations confront. It should interest you to note that most Africans are educated but lacks enlightenment. Most of these people’s minds have been conditioned to be less productive in the ever-evolving world.


Education, to most African students, is to pass exams, have better grades and get employed. There is little understanding embedded in these students to be proactively productive in order to create wealth and be self-sufficient. Little wonder, most developed countries would allow Africans (even with first-class grades) into their country to do maniac jobs, without considering results.

Stanza three, in line one above “…We’re now fully educated…” is an attestation to the seeming fact that about 70% of Africans are educated. They contribute immensely to the growth and development of most developed countries, helping them to build their economy and government. But what about their home – Africa?

Quiz: If degrees are no longer important, why do people still go to school?

Line three, in stanza three – “…Yet enlightenment eludes us”, shows the adverse effect of our education on the progress of African nations. Most Africans would rather spend their eternity developing other countries’ economy at the expense of theirs’. It’s not a problem to give your best to others but it becomes a pain if you do not remember home!

Nonetheless, the danger of not being enlightened brings about frustration. Most Africans are daily frustrated, even upon being educated and equipped with the technical know-how in their field of discipline. Then what is the gain of education?

Education is the antidote for ignorance, but not the only recipe for success. It is the key to enlightenment, yet perceived as a means to show-off!

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