Hazard of Making Safety Come First

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ALMOST EVERYTHING WE ENJOY TODAY was impossible yesterday. These impossibilities were actually as a result of our naïve thoughts that are equivocal. Deep inside you lives an impossible thought – a dream longing to come true. This DREAM was input in you by your heavenly Father who specialises in the impossible.

John Mason said,

Life can be a perpetual barrage of THINGS coming at us, beside us and past us. Fear, faith, friends, envy, the past, greed, giving, serving, mistakes, anger, peace, indecision, and love ask for our time and demand our attention. What they can leave in us is an impression that everything is impossible, or at least very difficult.

The characteristics explained above control our approach to life and determine how much risk we take. Thus, SAFETY becomes first in your option list. You therefore seek safety at the expense of the greater chances of risking your success. That is never the motto of leaders or entrepreneurs.

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Ordinarily, we all have CAUTION CHIP inside us but must do without them if we must attain a lofty height in life. A leader must face hazards, take risk and blame and the bout of the storms. These are the recipe for success. He must either have a chance or take one. There is absolutely no way you can get your head above water if you never stick your neck out.

Lord Halifax quipped, “The man who leaves nothing to chance will do few things (badly), but he will do very few things.” This means that a DREAM that does not include RISK is not truly worthy of being called a DREAM. Thus, taking a risk, at the expense of SAFETY, peradventure leads you to accomplish great things. At this level of life, you understand that it’s never your DOINGS but God’s DIVINE HELP and GRACE. The thing is that if you take risks, you MAY (WILL) DIE, and if you don’t, you also MAY (WILL) DIE. So, what difference does it make?

Runways Magazine is somebody’s accomplishment born out of TAKING RISK. If the publisher did not risk his career to create this blog, you wouldn’t have been here today to read this inspirational post or having to identify with this website. That is what it takes to give up everything you’ve got to follow your DREAM with passion – RISKING YOUR SAFETY – just to be successful in life. Elizabeth Kenny mused thus: “It is better to be a Lion for a day than a sheep all your life.” The interpretation is that – if you dare nothing, you need hope for nothing.B

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SAFETY should be the LAST thing on your mind. As an entrepreneur or a leader, you are expected to risk more than the people you lead. Taking chances accord you the opportunity to improve yourself in terms of; decision making, discipline, principles, approaches to life, et cetera. TAKE THE SHOTS!

Being destined for greatness requires that you take risks and confront great hazards.

John Mason


THE GREATEST DANGER is when you spend your entire life musing and waiting for the storms. In doing this, there is absolutely no way you will ever enjoy the sunshine. You just have to DARE to reach the TOP.B

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IN AFRICA, you see a lot of OLD MEN, with grey hairs, still hustling either SELLING PRODUCTS on the streets or as DRIVERS. Although, it’s not a crime to work you wonder what they used their youthful age to do. If some of them had taken the RISK of STARTING THEIR DREAMS early enough, they wouldn’t be struggling at their old age. That is what the end-result of MISPLACED PRIORITY. Listen to what Conrad Hilton said:

I encourage boldness because the danger of seniority and pension plans tempt a young man to settle in a rut named security rather than find his own rainbow.

SAFETY is meant for the FEARFUL while RISKS are for the BOLD. How bold are you to take the BULLETS for your DREAM?

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RUNWAYS MAGAZINE, as said earlier, was an idea of a young graduate who was lucky with finding a job in his community. He wisely channelled his energies, as a MASS COMMUNICATION graduate, into carving a niche for himself. It was a risk indeed – designing a website (as an amateur), creating contents, and sacrificing his mite on HOSTING (You can try hosting with Qserver by clicking HERE) and internet SUBSCRIPTION. All these he did without making a dime for his efforts. If you are a blogger, you’ll understand better how frustrating it could be to maintain a blog without making any income for 18 months.

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Little wonder John Mason opined:

Whenever you see a successful person, I guarantee he or she took risks and made courageous decisions.” There is no doubt that success favours the bold. David Mahoney said it better when he wrote: “Refuse to join the cautious crowd that plays not to lose. Play to win.

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When you RISK, you task your FAITH, and GOD springs into ACTION for your sake. Your life cannot be better if you don’t take a risk. Mark Zuckerberg took risk earlier on in life which later paid off for him (Read his profile HERE). Linda Ikeji did likewise and today she is basking in the adulation of her success story. God is always present in your predicaments and He’s ever ready to prove Himself worthy of His name – THE JEHOVA OVERDO.

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SAFETY brings you security and hides all that you can become but RISK brings you insecurity and shows you the very best you can become in life. Taking chances will expose you to a lot of things in life; fear, disappointment, hurt and worries but rejoice because they will only improve your life. As Tommy Barnett put it: “Many people believe that you are really walking by faith when there is no risk but the truth is the longer you walk with God…the greater the risk.” Just believe in taking chances and your life will continue to improve. Shalom.

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