Are you bent on tapping into the wealth of unending happiness? Do you actually want to be comfortably happy in life? Then there are tips you need to get on the starter stage.

Happiness is the direction we choose and the way we live our lives. It’s an innate thing. Philosophers have held on the belief that happiness is a Greek concept of eudaimonia, and refers to the good life, or flourishing, rather than simply an emotion. It is a pleasant emotion derived from contentment to intense joy. It is not just a simple positive mood and deep satisfaction.

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Therefore, it should be borne in mind that happiness is not dependent on physical attractions or attention, rather happiness is wholly based on the mental state of an individual. What most people define as happiness is way-way not what the concept means. Yes, some level of achievements in life could usher in the feeling of happiness but what if, within a short while, the achievements drift into the tiny air, how would you feel – sad or happy?

Without boredom, considering the different phases of research carried out by various schools of thought, researcher and philosophers alike on the concept of happiness, I’d recommend the biblical statement as recorded in the book of Psalm 37:4

Take delight in the Lord and He’ll give you the desires of your heart

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C.S. Lewis puts it before us thus: God designed the human machine to run on himself. He himself is the fuel our spirits are designed to burn or the food our spirits were designed to feed on. There is no other.

The above is simply attesting to the fact that you can only be happy if you seek God.

No matter your religious belief, God is the author of happiness. Deuteronomy 29:11 nailed it thus:

“For I know the plans (thoughts) I have towards you – to always make you happy (self-expression).

That is, it is not your wealth or social status that brings you happiness but your relationship with God.

Little wonder most people are never happy even at the taste of achievements or success in life. Regardless of your education, wealth, accomplishments or even religious knowledge, there is only one way to be overtly happy – God! Henry Ward Beecher quipped: The strength and the happiness of a man consist in finding out the way in which God is going and going in that way too.

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Technological advancement won’t stop, the craze for worldly perfection will continue to fight your happiness, as well as unfathomed life challenges, but knowing the way you are going can edge you off these joy-killers. However, I’ll leave you with some supplementary tips on how to stay on the track of being happy.

  • Look into your life with a different perspective through meditation. Positive meditation keeps you in control of your thoughts.
  • Live and stay in a precious moment. Feel the beauty of the moment you are enjoying without any external clusters.
  • Keep a diary of positive things that have happened to you. It enlivens your life.
  • Learn and practice how to love yourself unconditionally. Everything you seek out there begins within you. Always echo to yourself how much you self-love and self-appreciate yourself.

Above all, do not arrange your life around the goals you are set to achieve, stop comparing yourself with others, limit your association with negative people and have a strong willingness to seek God.


Enjoying every tiny moment shared with loved ones and doing what makes you be at peace should be on top of the priority list. Never let a day go by without showing gratitude for the breath of life you have on a platter of gold.

Air your view and see what others think about it.