How To Overcome Fear of The Unknown As Online Marketer

Have you ever encountered a situation in your entrepreneurial journey that develops into “Fear of the Unknown”? As an online marketer or entrepreneur, how have you been able to tackle this sailing challenge? Here is how to beat this common fear of the unknown and get your marketing game overboard.

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Everyone has fears and this is inevitable. It is part and parcel of life. However, what separates the winners from the masses who fail is the ability to acknowledge one’s fears and push through them. 

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Truly speaking, fear of the unknown is probably one of the biggest fears that entrepreneurs and online marketers face. When you’re starting your own business, while you may have done your homework and prepared the best you can, there will ALWAYS be a certain degree of uncertainty. That’s just the way it is.

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You must always remember that you can’t discover new lands if you’re afraid to lose sight of the shore. You have to push through and go with your heart, even if it’s beating uncontrollably fast.

Have you watched a movie called “3 Kings”, produced sometime in 1999? In one scene in the movie, a young soldier who was feeling afraid would approach Sergeant Major Archie Gates (George Clooney) with a question and he’d reply… “The way this works is… You do the thing you’re scared sh*tless of and you get the courage after you do it. Not before you do it.

This is very true and it applies across the board. If you’re worried that you may not have the skills to create an online business, go ahead and do it anyway. Then learn as you go along. 

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You must have the faith to take the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase. The best way to put an end to your fear of the unknown is to have faith. Faith is just the evidence of things you hope for, in spite of the reality pointing at your very face. This, truly built, will surely increase your belief prowess and set you on the threshold of maximum efficiency.

Faith helps you to believe in yourself and what you’re trying to achieve. There are thousands of people who come online in droves hoping to make quick and easy money. Most of them fail and quit.

Remember that the road to online success is paved with the corpses of the many who have tried and quit. They quit because they didn’t believe in themselves and they let fear take over.

Like John Stewart Mill said, “One person with belief is equal to a force of ninety-nine who only have interest.” You get that jerk?

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The next time you have doubts and fears, ask yourself why you’re feeling them. Maybe you’ve been making a stable income online but you’re worried about quitting your day job because of the security it provides. Every entrepreneur or online marketers have to face this stage of life in their entrepreneurial journey. Yet, successful ones are those you can find out there today, raving about their business successes.

Therefore, by honestly asking yourself why you have this fear (of the unknown), you’ll understand that what you really fear is that you might have no money in case your online business dries up.

Thus, the one million dollars discovery will enable you to make plans such as saving up enough money that will last you a long while in case of any unexpected setbacks. This is a proactive plan of action.

If you do not analyse your fears (of the unknown) and all you do is let them control you and hold you back, your life will become stagnant and in almost all cases, there will be retrogression.

The only way to progress is to keep moving forward whether or not you have fears.

How To Overcome Fear of The Unknown As Online Marketer
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Life is never easy for all entrepreneurs or online marketers. It only gets better as you move a step ahead in your entrepreneurial journey. Take for instance, do you think that Amazon got it right overnight? No! It only shaped up with time, stamina, effort, and doggedness.

Fear of the unknown is just one of the many challenges you will face in this race as an online marketer or entrepreneur. Understanding how to beat it is a sure way to tackle other common fear you will face along the line of this meritorious sojourn of yours.

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