Interesting Facts About Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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It’s no secret by now that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all set to define the next generation of software technologies!

AI has gradually been making its way into business software and will continue to for the foreseeable future. AI technology is software designed to learn without being explicitly programmed, and it is taking the retail industry by a storm. It is regarded as the next big thing!

Listed below are the 5 interesting facts about AI!


AI can learn and write!

This can be quite overwhelming.

AI, computers are learning and writing by themselves. For example, Google developed an Artificial Intelligence enabled a system that taught itself to play the Atari 2600 games. It later beat some of the world’s best players.

How intelligent!

Back in 1984, in a famous movie, Terminator, we saw the story about the concept that the United States government develops an Artificial Intelligence called Skynet. It was intended to automate the defence network. It takes control of force behind military operations and eventually seeks to terminate human race by unleashing a nuclear strike, as it sees humanity as a threat to its existence.

In near future, AI robots could end up completely changing what it means to be human if we let them think for themselves!

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AI is way ahead of humans!

Artificial Intelligence does not have limitations that plague human beings. They are not restricted by biology and they do not even get tired!

AI can crunch numbers for long hours and are exceptionally clever while doing repetitive mathematical tasks and other significant tasks! This makes them way ahead and smarter than human beings.

The Terminator director, James Cameron says,

“What was science fiction in the ’80s is now imminent. It’s coming over the horizon at us.”

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AI will fight challenging diseases.

The AI could not only make your lives convenient but it can also fight back some of the most challenging diseases. They could do it all as they are capable of identifying, collecting and analyzing the human molecular data. This amazing technology can identify and analyze illnesses to enable new drugs, treatments and cures within seconds.

In an interesting attempt to fight the spread of challenging diseases,  a team of USC Viterbi School of Engineering researchers in order to create the algorithm used data, including behavioural, demographic and epidemic disease trends, to create a model of disease spread that captures underlying population dynamics and contact patterns between people.

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With the help of computer simulations, the researchers tested the algorithm on infectious diseases such as tuberculosis in India and gonorrhoea in the United States. In both cases, they found the algorithm did an amazing job at reducing disease cases by sharing information about these diseases with individuals who might be most at risk.

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AI can rebuild itself

There is a robot that rebuilt itself after its performance dropped after losing 2 of its 6 legs. The robot did not know what the problem was but fixed it by trial and error.

The whole process could take 15 minutes for them to adapt and compensate for even the simplest of problems. This new adaptive technology is inspired by the way animals adapt to injury.

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AI could take our jobs in near future.

With each passing year, we notice a lot of spectacular changes in the techno world. Big techno giants including Google is moving toward the adaptation of AI in order to improve productivity.

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From surgeries to autonomous driving, technologies have taken over some of the most amazing human activities already. Industries including manufacturing and other large sections of agriculture have seen millions of human jobs taken over by robots, machines and more efficient factories.

World-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, stated once  “AI and robots are going to kill a lot of jobs because, in the future, these will be done by machines.”

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With Artificial Intelligence evolving in almost every industry, some people believe AI will wipe out humans completely!

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