Leveraging Entrepreneurship For Locality Development with Shannon Wells, CEO of Unlock Your Success

Intelligence increases through your mistakes, through your ups and downs and what you learned.

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Shannon Well is a professional blogger, writer, Sales and marketing Consultant for Online Business Owners and entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Unlock Your Success, a blogging platform that has enriched the lives of millions of bloggers around the globe. Follow her @unlockyoursuccess.

Recently, Runways interviewed Shannon, via online platform, to chronic the essence of entrepreneurship in building and strengthening communities, and what aspiring entrepreneurs could learn about the process.

Q: ​What’s your view on the word – Lifestyle?

Lifestyle is a reality. Whether it’s a reality we had in the past, a reality we have now or a reality we will have in the future. From birth, it’s completely out of our control what kind of lifestyle we’re born into. What’s in our control is the lifestyle we create for ourselves as we grow.

As we grow, we naturally design our life based on who we are as a person. If you desire to change your lifestyle, then it will always start with changing yourself. That’s when the hard part comes in because if you’re not exposed to much, then you won’t be aware of what else is possible for you or what you could become.

Changing yourself requires stepping outside of what’s known and comfortable to you so that you can experience life through the lens of other people.

To live the lifestyle you desire, you’d have to change yourself first and then the lifestyle will follow.

Q: ​How can people build a healthy lifestyle in any ramifications of life?

It really boils down to four key principles. Once you master these and hold onto these principles with everything you have in you, eventually, you’ll start creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself. (one; you desire) Depending on what kind of lifestyle you were born into, it may take some time but if you stay the course no matter what, things will start falling into place.

The four key principles are: Faith, Personal development, Action and Discipline.

Your faith will keep you strong when you’re weak. It needs to be absolutely unwavering! When things are looking down and like there’s no way possible the situation could change, your strong faith will pull you through.

Diving as deep as you possibly can into personal development will give you the knowledge you need to grow into the person that has the kind of lifestyle you desire.

Taking that knowledge and applying it is putting what you’ve learned into action. Most people won’t make it to this point. If you can do this, you’re way ahead of the game!

After you put action to what you’ve learned and what you continue to learn, applying discipline and creating positive routines will 100% create the healthy lifestyle you desire.

Hold onto these four principles like your life depends on it.

Q: ​Is entrepreneurship a formidable tool to nation building and locality development?

I wouldn’t so much say that it’s formidable, but more so liberating. Entrepreneurship frees the people in a way that no other job can. I’m a firm believer in living life on your own terms and entrepreneurship allows that to happen on so many levels.

A nation structured in a way for businesses to thrive will in return build the nation up and develop it in an economic way that no other structure can.

Q: ​How can entrepreneurship impact and encourage locality development?

I’m a big fan of community building. Entrepreneurship directly impacts locality development being that it requires a certain level of approval from the community. If you’re running a business, for that business to thrive…there needs to be a community of people rallying behind you, supporting what you do. If entrepreneurship is matched with a positive cause, it brings people together from all over, allowing them to stand and work together for a positive cause.

Q: ​Education versus entrepreneurship, what is your take on these, as regards to nation building and locality development?

I definitely believe a certain level of education is needed by a high percentage of people within a nation for it to thrive economically. However, for locality development and nation building…in my opinion, education in regards to indoctrination is not needed.

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Entrepreneurship in regards to nation building and locality development, is definitely needed. It takes a person or group of people doing things “their way” to start building a nation and vis-a-vis with community building. It starts with one person or one group of people and then turns into an entire movement.

Q: ​What would you advise individuals if they have to go into entrepreneurship, as a means of livelihood and locality development?

Understand that your path is different from most people. Thus, you’ll encounter lots of frictions because most people will just simply not understand. In light of this, always operate from a place of love, strength, faith and humility.

The best way to build up a community is to create positive opportunities for people in any way that you can. Communicating and connecting with people without judgement in your heart and allowing their voice to be heard will go a long way.

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