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I’m blinded
But could see your smiles
Smooching me gently and overtly.
When my ears failed
To listen
To your sonorous voice
My nose smelled you,
From the farthest distance,
Walking in; towards my view
Telling the tales of love.
My heart pounds
Like pestle on mortar
Each moment
You were within my reach.
I gasp for breath
Each time you move closer,
An inch closer,
‘Cos you freeze me still
With your enchanting breath –
That oozes from your mouth and nostrils.
Come hither,
Lay on me for once more
The spell
Of your feelings
Full of pure perfume
Of undiluted passion!

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This poem was written on Feb. 1, 2016, by Prince Sylvester Othuke and posted on his Facebook wall at the same date. It is a blend of emotion and feelings towards the magical experience of a lover who had a chance to express his feelings to a lady that he once met. The meeting did not last long as he thought it could but the poet was able to relate the incident in a concise way to portray the pains of the victim of the circumstance. Line 11 – 14 best shows was the victim felt when he was close on expressing his feelings to the lady he, perhaps, had been wishing to talk to.

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The poet has written over 500 poems, some of which have been published in local publications. He is an avid writer, journalist, blogger, creative designer, and shoemaker. He also writes short skits for TV series.

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