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rhoda youth centre

Rhoda Youth Centre is a Non-Governmental Organization in Nigeria registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission; Registration Number: CAC/IT/No.38450 We advocate for change by way of connecting the youths to knowledge and at the same time helping to develop their potential through its acquisition initiatives which are all covert resources needed to help the youth build the foundation for a “rewarding futures

Leather designs & fashion

Showcase your amazing, and classical designs that will whet potential customers and clients here!

Everything unique has in itself a touch of creativity for fashionistas!

Fini Couture is committed to making you look smart with our fine cuttings made by our best craftsmanship.

The attachments, pictures, are some of our latest designs created by our finest craftsmanship just to showcase our skills and authenticate our commitment – making you look distinguished among others.

You can join the conversation on our Facebook page (Fini couture) or following us on our Instagram page (Fini couture) or call us on: +234(0)8029767553.

From the designing stage to the actual runway, there is no better feel than to enjoy the razzmatazz of the beauty in fashion.

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Our Poems Collection

The best way to experience our wide collection of poems is to visit the Diary Section (POEMS). Follow the emotions and choose the most enticing poems to satisfy your Literary Appetite.