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God has willed that everyone be distinguished in all they do, for that’s what brings forth the beauty of God’s glory on earth. In this, beauty is restored and creativity is activated. Thus, upon these two yardsticks true success can be measured.

Runways started off on January 1, after approximately two months of paper-work and designing. It was a challenging one indeed. From the brainstorming stage to the final actualisation of the dream, there were various stumbling blocks that would have impaired the success of the website. One of which was the thought of how to build the website, since I had no experience or skill whatsoever in setting up a website. This I contracted a friend to help out but the outcome of it didn’t meet up the standard I envisioned. I recalled a popular saying that “When you allow someone to build your world for you, they may build it either too small or too big”. Because of that sole reason, since I already understood what I wanted to achieve with the vision, I decided to build my world myself (Checkout the 1st website outlook).

Opera Snapshot 2017 11 20 211218 .ng  - RUNWAYS: THE WILL TO BE DISTINGUISHED

When you allow someone to build your world for you, they may build it either too small or too big


To be distinguished is not a mere words of the mouth but it takes more than the eyes can see and the mouth can speak. When everything was set for the site to go live, it was still having minor issues. Ignoring those hiccups, I launched the website (Checkout the 2nd version of the site).


Although it’s advisable to be contented with what one has, one should also give room for improvement. By improvement, it means to embrace change. Runways responded to this paradigm shift; making constant tweaking of the website and re-working on the ideas. At those levels of getting things done in the right way, the website crashed twice. It was a devastating experience that almost triggered me to give up and abandon the website (Check: What to do when your website crash). Yet something in me kept encouraging me to remain dogged. The drive to be persistent, determined and hardworking sparked up my inspiration and creativity (See the current version of the site). At those perilous moments, I lost most of my subscribers (the figure dropped from 986 subscribers to 58 subscribers). I wept at the sight of this gory statistics.


However, the setback rather opened up a new world for the website. Everything about Runways changed; the focus, contents, niches, categories, pages and the design layouts. No wonder it’s often said that God uses setback a times to move His children ahead (in life).

John 15:16 says:

You do not choose me. I chose you and sent you out to produce fruit, the kind of fruit that will last. Then my Father will give you whatever you ask for in my name.

Youth Bible

If you’re willing to be distinguished this year, then John 15:16 should be your watchword. God has chosen you to be unique, not a carbon copy of others. Such that bear forth (good) fruits – that will last. The understanding of this concept as recorded in John 15:16 can best be grasped when you understand your MISSION and CALLING. What’s your MISSION on earth? What’s your CALLING on earth?

Reading through the Daily Guide 2019 prepared by the Scripture Union (Nig.), in a text prepared for Friday, January 4, it was clear to me that Jesus Christ’s mission was to save us from our sins and His calling was to preach the gospel of God. The passage went ahead to ask a question – Are you focused and faithfully fulfilling God’s primary call for your life?

Final Note

It’s not necessary that yours should be as the same as Jesus Christ but there should be a resemblance and connection. That’s why the topic “The Will to Be Distinguished” is written for you today. What have you done that would distinguish you from the pack of others? Do you have the Will to be distinguished? What are the practical steps you would take this year to be distinguished? If you’re distinguished, just like Runways, what are the practical steps you would take to remain focused?

Runways came to promote healthy lifestyles and help lives. Lifestyle is simply the way people live. Thus, Runways is solely to promote everything that can make people live healthy. Hence, the consistent effort geared toward this core calling adversely help lives. So, what’s your focus, apart from making money?

Nonetheless, if Jesus Christ has chosen you and sent you out to produce lasting fruit, don’t you think that whatever you ask His Father (God) in His (Jesus Christ’s) name shall He give you?

Think twice and seek right so that you can be distinguished. I hope this post gives you fresh insight and expose everything that derails you from your primary purpose in life.

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