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There are times I wonder if I am doing what I should be doing. These times, I imagine if I am really getting what I actually wanted out of my unknown decision(s). It becomes so worrisome in most case scenario when I see nothing but disappointments and jokers laughing at me. Yet, forward I press.
Life is in phases, men are in sizes but the race is not for the swift. ‘Tis what life has taught me. You may be fortunate today to get ahead of me. You could have achieved all that you’ve dreamed of while we were growing up together. I do not envy you, mate, but I am on my own journey to somewhere I know not where it leads.
You took the broad road, where lot of people ply on daily basis while I via into the woods, a path where only my footsteps are made visible. You have a lot of people to advise you since you all are on same course. Lest, I am left alone to advise myself as I take the lone path to somewhere I am yet to understand its bearing.
We both are after same goal(s) in life, if not a different one entirely. I want to be comfortable and make my world rock. I think you desire the same too. You wanted peace of mind, even in this uneasy world where vampires are every where seeking for whose blood to feed on. I desire the same too. But the speed with which we run the race is never the same as same as our purpose in life.
I will continue to respect you for your meritorious achievements and accolades. I will never stop talking about it, at least to keep myself busy with the testimonies of your success stories. I will even try to worship and adore it for as long as I live. However, do not try to castigate or talk less of me because you are ahead of me.
In fact, I do not bother myself about whether you are going to fall one day to the very bottom or that I may overtake you soon enough. This is because I do not compete with anybody in life. If you are married before me, it is the Lord’s doing. If you now have children before me, it is also a gift from God. He gives to man according to their purpose in life. Should I say that you discovered your purpose in life before me so why won’t you have all that it entails?
I write this sermon to show how I adore you as a success but despise how you look down on my person, feeling like a sort of god that can never lose value!
****This long verse of patterned Poem is written y Sylvester Othuke..August 9,2018 at 10:50 pm**

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