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Often, people come across the saying “Action speaks louder than words!” yet only a few understood the importance of these five-combined words. Today, the same is coming aggressively at you – Take Action!

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John C. Maxwell quipped thus: Dreams don’t work unless you do. This means that unless you step on the acceleration nuzzle of your vehicle (dream), there’s no way you can lift off from your current base of operation. The word for you right now is – Take Action!

Mark Zuckerberg was quoted as saying “Ideas are not fully formed but you’ve got to work on them.” Goals are nothing without corresponding applied action. You would agree with me that everybody has a goal in life and dreams they daily adore with all of their strength, yet nothing worthwhile or meaningful comes out of these fantastic lifestyle to better their lots. The only thing that can activate this God-given ability is Action!

Ideas are not fully formed but you’ve got to work on them.

Mark Zuckerberg

Just take a closer look at the movies you watch on the screens today. The word “Action” is what set the motion in place. If you are conversant with the making of movies, you’ll notice that the word action is frequently used to key the characters (actors) into their roles. That’s exactly what your move can do to your dreams, goals, and plans.


A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. The content and purpose of dreams are not fully understood, although they have been a topic of scientific, philosophical and religious interest throughout recorded history. Wikipedia

Anytime I want to make a change or achieve anything in my life,
I write it down, along with my plan to accomplish the goal
and when I will achieve it.
In this way, I turn each of my goals into action.

Shad Helmstetter, a Behavioural Researcher

It is not enough to be inspired but you’ve got to Take Action! A Psychiatrist, Carl G. Jung gave nugget which reads: “It is only our deeds that reveal who we are.” What you are today is a total sum of the kind of decision you have taken and the corresponding actions too. In light of this, John Maxwell gave 5 key action thoughts to help you get started. If you stamp these Maxwell’s Five Action Thoughts on your mind, then you can boast of seeing results this year. What are these Five Action Thoughts?

It is only our deeds that reveal who we are.

Carl G. Jung


  1. You don’t need to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.
  2. The first two letter of the word goal are G-O.
  3. Some people dream of worthy accomplishments while others wake up and do them.
  4. Anybody that brags about what he is going to do tomorrow probably did the same yesterday.
  5. People will never be what they ought to be until they are doing what they ought to be doing.

Lots of people have set plans for the New Year just like old times – Resolutions. But Martin Luther King Jr., Civil Rights Leader, says it better this way: “The time is always right to do what is right.” This suggests that the best way to a brighter tomorrow is by Acting Now!

I do not believe in a fate
that falls on men however they act;
but I do believe in a fate
that falls them unless they act.

G.K. Chesterton, English Author

There is no awesome way to define and explain this inspirational message than to encourage you with these two stories which centre on two life-transforming people – Lester Wunderman and Kemmons Wilson. These extraordinary people should inspiration for others who are aspiring to mount the podium of success. They came from nothing to become two of the world’s greatest successful people, not by the accolades or wealth they amass but for the tangible impact they created and made in their life-time. Enjoy these short story told by John C. Maxwell in one of his book: Dare To Dream…Then Do It.


KEMMONS WILSON has always been an initiator. He started working when he was seven years old and hasn’t stopped since. He began by selling magazines, newspaper, and popcorn (just imagine the starting point! What can you do to get your dreams ignited?). In 1930 at the ripe old age of seventeen, he decided to try working for someone else, and he made twelve dollars a week writing figures on the price board of a cotton broker.

When a bookkeeper’s job at thirty-five dollars a week opened up, Wilson applied for it and got it. But when he received his pay, it was still only twelve dollars. He requested a raise, and got one. The next week he received an additional three dollars. When Wilson asked why he didn’t get the same thirty-five dollars as the other bookkeeper, he was told the company wouldn’t pay that kind of money to a seventeen-year-old kid. Wilson gave his notice. That was the last time he worked for someone else in more than seventy-five years.

Wilson made money in a variety of businesses after that: Pinball Machine, soft drink distribution, and vending machines. And he was able to save enough money to build his mother a house. That’s when he realised that home building had a lot of potentials. He went into the construction business in Memphis and made a fortune capitalising on the post-war building boom.

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Wilson’s initiative made him a lot money, but it didn’t make an impact on the world – not until 1951, that is. That was the year the Memphis businessman took his family on vacation to Washington D.C. On that trip, he learned about the sorry state of hotel lodging in the United States. Motels has sprung up all over the country since the 1920s. Some were nice family places. Others rented beds by the hour. The problem was a traveller didn’t know which he would find.

You never could tell what you were getting,” Wilson recalled later. “Some of the places were too squalid for words. And they all charge for children. That made my Scottish blood boil.” A guy like Wilson who had five children really took a beating. Motels charged four dollars to six dollars a night for a room plus two dollars per child. It tripled his bill.

Most people would have complained and then forgotten about it. But Wilson, always a person of action, decided to do something about it. “Let’s go home and start a chain of family hotels,” he said to his wife, “hotels with a name you could trust.” His goal was four hundred hotels. His wife just laughed.

When Wilson returned to Memphis, he hired a draftsman to help him design his first hotel. He wanted it to be clean, simple, and predictable. And he wanted it to have all the things he and his family had wanted, such as a television in every room and a pool at every inn. The next day he opened his first hotel on the outskirts of Memphis. Out front on a sign fifty-three feet tall flashed its name: Holiday Inn.

It took Wilson longer than he expected to reach four hundred hotels. By 1959, he had one hundred. But when he decided to franchise them, which boosted the openings. By 1964, there were five hundred Holiday Inns. In 1968, there were one thousand. And by 1972, a Holiday Inn opened somewhere in the world every seventy-two hours. The chain was still growing in 1979 when Wilson stepped down from the company’s leadership after a heart attack.

I was so hungry when I was young,” Wilson said, “I just had to do something to make a living. And when I retired after my heart attack, I went home to smell the roses. That lasted about a month.” It’s just too hard for a person of action to stop making things happen. (From The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader)

Whatever you can do,
Or dream you can do, begin it.
Boldness has genius,
Power, and magic in it.

Unknown, often attributed to Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


In 1947, LESTER WUNDERMAN was arbitrarily fired from his advertising job in New York. But the young man felt he still had a lot to learn from the head of the agency, Max Sackheim, so the next morning, Wunderman went back to his office and began working just as he had before. He talked to co-workers and clients; he sat in on meetings – all without pay. Sackheim ignored him for a month.


When the month was over, the temperamental Sackheim walked up to Wunderman. “Okay, you win,” he said, shaking his head. “I never saw a man who wanted a job more than he wanted money.

That kind of persistence and an inclination toward action paid off for Wunderman. He went on to be one of the most successful advertising men of the century and is known as the father of direct marketing. He is credited with having invented pre-printed newspaper inserts, bound-in subscription cards for magazines, and subscription clubs such as those used by Time-Life Books and the Colombia Record Club.

Direct marketing is a form of advertising that allows businesses and organizations to communicate directly with customers through a variety of media, such as phone calls, text messages, emails, fliers, brochures, and targeted online ads.

the balance smb

Advertising may not be your thing, but action must be. What are you willing to do to achieve your dream? What are you willing to do if you must do so for free? Success begins by the beginning. And it continues with consistent ACTION.

Remember this statement by a German Monk, Thomas A. Kempis: “At the Day of Judgment, we shall not be asked what we have read, but what we have done.” What have you done so far or what are you willing to do to cause a positive change in your time in this world?

At the Day of Judgment, we shall not be asked what we have read, but what we have done.

Thomas A. Kempis

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Story credit: John Mason

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