Tale of The Dreadful Coronavirus

The tales of the dreadful coronavirus!
Upon the earth he fell
With his scorching sickle from pit of hell
Tossing us here and there like the catholic bell
And the world, under his wrath they fell.

He is called coronavirus!
Two thousand and nineteen years
He existed inside the flaming fire of fires
Awaiting his permitted time of release
To crush the earth with his furious grips.

He is called coronavirus!
From Asia to the heart of Europe
He stretches forth his arms like a rope
Declaring supremacy like a Pope
And mankind, he darkened their hope.

“I must reap the earth!
I am the undead death on earth!
All souls must bow to the beast of death!
And feel my temporal flaming wrath!”


The beastly angel is here
Here to reap us in two weeks
Both high and lowly, he will tear
Until his shortened days gently fade.

We shall survive! We shall surely survive!
God’s willing, if you’re still alive
To read my short epistle
It means you have survived the test of time.


The sudden outbreak of the dreadful coronavirus shocked the world to halt. No one would have ever thought that such a disease would be as pandemic as reaping lives in days. Not even scientists, great and renowned, could believe a disease as stubborn as coronavirus would question their gifted abilities. More surprising, the religious communities were still startled at the news that god’s temple would be deserted and locked up for an unknown period of time.


What about the global business environs? It was a big shock that has rendered some business entities useless. In fact, it was discovered that some businesses will not stand the test of time. During this period, entrepreneurs whose business activities revolve round food, health, special utility products and online teaching were far most happy. They were always in business despite the global economic regression.

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Worthy of note, however, philanthropists gave their best donations to ease the pains of vulnerable people in a time like this, helping to tackle the foreseen restiveness and subsequent crime in most trodden localities.

Nonetheless, the poem “Tales of the dreadful coronavirus” is an attempt to monument and archive the painful experience all over the world. Most captions in the media termed the disease as “Worst Pandemic Disease Ever Witnessed Over A Decade”. Thousands of lives were lost to this assailing angel of death from pit of hell. Thus, the only remedy is to – Stay at HOME and avoid CONTACT with ENVIRONS and PEOPLE exposed to the disease.

What more can be said if not to mourn the lives of our loved ones who fell under the cold hand of the damnable disease (A minute silence is observed to grieve the soul of the departed).

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