The Call To Serve

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The bell ranged once
Twice I heard it
Twice I heard it
When the bell ranged once!
The dice were tossed once
Thrice it bounced
Thrice it bounced
When the dice were tossed once!
The message is clear
That we’re called to serve
Even in the face of dread fear
Lives, we’re commissioned to save.

The call to serve” is a handed over to human by God. It is an obligation everyone has to fulfil in order to make life habitable for the less privileged ones.

The poem is a quick one that raises a campaign towards humanitarian services. Sharing your life with others is the only way to be fulfilled on earth, even at the expense of having everything life has blessed you with. Thus, this is what the writer (Sylvester Othuke) was thinking when he wrote the lines that sound the bingle to all and sundry.

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