The Job’s Chronicle

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Who can tell God what to do?
He judges powerful rulers.

Some of us die prosperous,
Enjoying good health,
While others die in poverty,
Having known only pain.

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But we all end up dead,
Beneath a blanket of worms.

My friends, I know that you
Are plotting against me.

You ask, “Where is the home
Of that important person
Who does so much evil?”

Everyone, near and far, agrees
That those who do wrong
Never suffer disaster,
When God becomes anger.

No one points out their sin
Or punishes them.

Then at their funerals,
They are highly praised;
The earth welcomes them home,
While crowds mourn.

But empty, meaningless words
Are the comfort you offer me.

This poem is adapted from the book of Job 21:22-34. It is a nice piece that shows the supremacy of God over the human.

The best way to understand the poem is to read it aloud to yourself, in deep meditation. 

Please, you can pass on this message to others too so that people can also understand life in its entirety.

I await your comments too.

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