Often times than obvious, entrepreneurs are daily faced with threatening plights that leads to the demise of their dreams and aspirations in life. During this perilous moments, fronted with all odds, passion turns out to become pressure (to quit the race). Thus, this mind-bugging situation makes it imperative for entrepreneurs to understand the principle of “Sex and Cash Theory”.

Robert Kiyosaki once said, in one of his video series “You Will Never Be Poor Again – Start Doing This

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Intelligence increases through your mistakes, through your ups and downs and what you learn

Simply put: when you learn the principle of sex and cash theory, you will see through your mistakes and increase your intelligence quotient.

The theory has a powerful way of shaping your mind, as an inclined entrepreneur, to not work with a thing you love but think about how to work in a way you love.

The word “love”, in this context, means “passion”. How do you follow your passion, impact the world and at the same vein make money? This is why this topic is a must for you as an entrepreneur, especially if you are a starter.


According to the proponent of the theory, Hugh MacLeod, it is believed that every creative person basically has two kinds of jobs. The first is the Sexy (fun) kind, and the second one is the kind that pays the bills (Cash). Let’s take a look at the two concepts to draw a plausible argument.


Sex means “passion”

“Sex” in this context means whatever thing you derive pleasure from. That is, doing something passionately, not for money-making purpose but for fun, relaxation, ease of mind and creativity. This interest actually becomes an hobby. A good example is You.

Suffice to say that entrepreneurs are known to render services just to maximise profit. There is no arguing about this century-proven fact. If you are in a business that does not pay the bills, then it is your sexy lifestyle. You dig it?


Cash means “money”

The principle of cash on the other hand is the creative lifestyle that makes the money. In this paradigm, your ultimate goal is to make money. Undermining the circumstances surrounding the job, whether you like it or not, as long as it pays the bills and gets you off the threshold of debts, your focus is on the money – CASH THEORY.

Cash and Sex theory is like Siamese twins that cannot be disjointed. One influences the other. There is stuff you have to do for money, and there is stuff you do because it’s fun. Justin Jackson gave vivid examples as stated below:

  • If you are a photographer, you can look for the “Sex” job of shooting art photos (cool job, but not high paying), or you can shoot weddings (drag job, but lucrative).
  • If you are into food, you could start your own restaurant (high risk but Sexy, potentially low paying), or you could get a management job.
  • If you are a graphics designer, you can design brand posters or you can design brochures for a bank.

Moreover, there is always going to be a tense duality between the need to make a living and the need to maintain your creative sovereignty as an entrepreneur. Ensuring a synergy between these two kinds of jobs is a sure recipe for your business success.

How many successful entrepreneurs do you know? Are you a creative person looking to make a living? Are things tight for you? Do you want to change your entrepreneurial game this year?


Every successful entrepreneurs you see today follow the principle of Sex and Cash theory. They all turned up everyday, engaging in every legitimate hustle that brings in the cash. And before you know it, they are rich and famous, or rich anyways. Don’t get it twisted! The riches did not just come. It was as a result of persistence, discipline, stamina, and investing more on talents.

If things are tight at this moment, even as you read through this article, don’t you think it is time to switch your concept – take up a cash project?

It is okay to do cool projects in your spare time; but when it comes to making money, start thinking differently.

Even if you don’t need money to fuel your Sexy lifestyle (passion), at least you will need it to pay bills. Your business enterprise or brand or company requires funds in order to keep running efficiently.

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Concisely, thinking differently requires that you understand the principle of financial education. Create a passive income. Keep to heart that whatever thing that takes money from your pocket is a Liability, while the thing that put money in your pocket is an Asset.

It is, therefore, impossible to run a business if you don’t have money and your ONLY thought is – I NEED MONEY. That frustrating mentality will harm your entrepreneurial spirit and affect your clients’ base. It will set them running away, since they literally FEEL your needy energy.

Practically speaking, when you see desperate entrepreneurs hustling you to buy from them without giving you the chance to think about their service offer, how do you feel? That is the way it harms when you are placard with “I NEED MONEY“.

To avoid this general syndrome, it is better you go out and Create cash. Get creative: sell something, take a paid project, or even go back to your day job – even for a short time.


Action speaks better than words. The principle of Sex and Cash theory is a concept that should transform the way you creatively live your daily life as an entrepreneur. Sexy lifestyle should be supported with Cashy lifestyle too. The both plays a predominant role in your pursuit. If these two kind of jobs are integrated perfectly, then your entrepreneurial spirit and skills will be evergreen.

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