The Psalmist Prayer

/The Psalmist Prayer

The Psalmist Prayer

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God Most High
Have pity on us!
Have mercy.
We run to you
For safety.
In the shadow of your wings,
We seek protection
Till danger dies down.
Send us help
From heaven
And save us,
But bring trouble
On OUR attackers.
We live among lions,
Who gobble down people – like us!
They have guns and charms
Instead of teeth,
And they atomic dynamites
Instead of tongues.
They set traps for our feet,
Like the Boko Haram and ISIS,
And struck us down.
They dug pits in our path,
Planting mines
And laying ambush,
But they fell it themselves.
We’ll rejoice in our God
Because you’re honoured
Above all heavens,
As your glory is seen
Everywhere on earth.
We’ll praise you indeed, Lord,
For everyone to hear.
And we’ll sing hymns to you
In every nation,
Because your love
Reaches higher than the heavens;
Your loyalty extends
Far beyond the clouds.

There is more to life than what we see today. The first paragraph of the poem shows the intent prayer of the writer for unwavering protection. The cry for help continued to the second paragraph, where the writer identified some of the enemies inherent in the world. The concluding paragraph shows the anticipated happiness based on the prayers offered if it did get answered.

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