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Year in, year out
We show our patriotism
Chanting their love songs
Engaging one another in word combat
Yet to nothing significant and beneficial.              5
Year in, year out
We lose our fellow combatants
To the shrill stint of stabbings
Cold death, cruel attacks and mutiny
Yet to nothing significant and beneficial.            10
Year in, year out
We’re racially discriminated at and abused
Even as our passion passionately grow
As fondly as the Siamese lovers
Yet nobody took cognisance of us.                           15
It’s absurdity!
Staking and betting all we have
Blindly spreading hatred and rivalry
Expecting rewards for our patriotism
Yet we continue to lose woefully.                            20

Poetry is more of life than life itself. It gives flavour to pictures of the mind, reeled in constructed words with regular and irregular rhythms. This is exactly what the writer has in mind when he wrote “Unrewarded Patriotism“.

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The poem portrays a typical world in which its inhabitants are constantly arguing on trivial issues that relate to soccer. The writer, in a way, tried to raise a concern over the continuous loss of lives as a result of over-indulgence in the game.

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Many people have lost their fortune to staking in soccer games, which never paid off for them. Even, more lives are lost to death during and at the end of most crucial soccer games. Yet, nobody took cognisance of such gory incident, except if reported in the news. That is saddling to note by the writer. Yes, these occurrences cannot be eliminated but can be controlled.

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