VANITY: The Souls of Men

/VANITY: The Souls of Men

VANITY: The Souls of Men

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Value is placed
On the soul,
But not the body.
The devil
Is never after your body
But your soul.
He lures you,
Not for your body,
But for the soul.
He’s ready
To sacrifice everything
Only for your soul.
He gives you riches,
Glamour and accolades
ALL for one thing – the Soul!
Though, it’s not his,
Even if he’s got it,
But God’s.
God says –
And NONE for the devil.
Riches are VANITY!
Beauties are VANITY!
Everything is VANITY!
When you die,
What’d you take along?
If not your SOUL!

This poem is written by Sylvester Othuke. It is a short piece that tries to remind us of what happens to the human body after death.

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Also, it is a sure way to reiterate the fact that every soul belongs to God and not the devil, as most people believed. The devil would lure, with words and riches, the mind of people to believe that when he gives them their desires, he automatically have their souls. 

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