WHY WE NEED ART by Jeff Goins

Have you ever sat for hours
Beneath the statue of the David
Wondering why
You exist at all
When something so beautiful
Can come from stone?
Have you ever wandered the streets
Of an ancient city
And felt one with a people
who lived thousands of years ago?
Did you feel that familiar ache
For a place you had never seen
But still somehow knew?
Were you reminded of someone
You’d never been
But hoped you might be?
A traveler
A teacher
A person with a mission?
Maybe then
As your feet skipped across cobblestones
And your eyes glanced broad brushstrokes
That told of a world we only encounter in dreams,
As you were given a glimpse of glory,
A kind of transcendence you only ever hear about in stories,
Maybe then you understood
Like you never had before
Why we need Art.

The poem is a deep understanding about life. It tends to awake the curiosity of readers to see beyond their very imagination. share your thoughts on how you perceive this poem. And if you feel the aroma of this piece of poem, why not share with others.

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